Join the Conversation

Join the Conversation

Wine reviews?  We got ‘em.  They are over there.   Tasting notes?   We got ‘em….We just don’t LIVE by them!

Lets TALK about wine!  Where is it grown?  Who makes it?  Why that vineyard?  Why does Fox Farm Vineyards taste so good?

What other wineries have you visited close by?  Tell us your favorite!  Which was your favorite wine there?

Which restaurants should we go to?  What can we NOT miss?

It is always the verbal interactions that make the difference between a good wine tasting experience and a GREAT one… think about it a little- the things that you remember most about your tastings were the funny words you heard to describe a wine, or the wine where your description was CLEARLY better than the other guy’s.  Maybe you heard a funny pronunciation or learned a new term for a wine.  Aural and vocal interactions are very important in learning and in communications.  They need to be kept in practice and in focus.  Emails, texting and emoticons are limiting honest interactions as they replace face-to-face conversations…. we want you to visit, to feel welcome, and to participate in the wine experience by offering your insights, by asking questions, and by sharing yourself and your love of wine, as well as your other interests.

We know you’ll like the wines.  You’ll probably make some friends here too…