Discover the Aromatics & Flavors

Discover the Aromatics & Flavors

The first responsibility of wine is that it has to TASTE good.  Everything else is beside the point.

We hope that you find our wines to be pure, and clean, and pretty.  Those aren’t $100 words, those are honest words that might be used by REAL people who aren’t being paid by-the-syllable to write reviews.

Things that sometimes go unsaid:

*Wines can be soft and elegant (we think Fox Farm wines are), but elegant is not a sign of weakness.  Classical music is not inferior because you don’t play it through big amplifiers with laser shows and fog machines onstage.  Classical music and elegant wines are for thinkers, for lovers, and for those who enjoy simple perfections rather than grand, flashy statements.

*Wine is made from grapes, and grapes are fruit, but wine doesn’t smell like grapes- it smells like OTHER fruits!  Pinot Noir often smells like raspberries and cherries, Syrah often smells like blueberries and fruit cobbler.  Pinot Gris sometimes smells like apples and bananas.  Did you notice that? No $100 words, just pretty, clean, and pure.

We welcome you to enjoy wines with all the magic, but none of the mystery…